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For Total Crawspace Good Health

Conditioned Crawlspaces

It is a little known fact that up to 30% of the air in your home comes from your crawlspace. Initially it was thought that placing foundation vents would help to remove moisture from the crawlspace. However, it has been discovered that this actually achieves the opposite of that purpose. These vents keep your crawlspace colder in the winter and in the summer they allow hot humid air to enter the cool environment of a crawlspace. The humid air condenses and creates higher humidity levels under your home.

In addition to allowing the outside air and moisture under your home, it also allows the outside elements under the home. The summer heat and humidity as well as the winter cold entering the crawlspace are creating inefficiencies in the home and the excessive humidity can also lead to fungus and structural damage.

Conditioning the crawlspace is the practice of removing all components that cause moisture (i.e., leaking pipes, broken dryer vents, ground water entering through the foundation, etc.). There are three parts to conditioning a crawlspace:

  1. Sealing all foundation vents and intrusions,
  2. Installing a properly sealed Vapor Barrier,
  3. Conditioning utilizing the HVAC system.

With our process of sealing and conditioning crawlspaces, we can take this inefficient space and create a clean controlled environment. This allows us to protect the home, increase efficiency and better the indoor living environment.

We should treat our crawlspace in the same manner that we do the inside of our home!

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