Indoor Air Quality

Did you know approximately 30% of the air you breathe in your home comes from the crawlspace?

Although your crawlspace is not traditionally seen as a room in your home, it does directly effect the air quality and energy efficiency in your home. Due to the natural upward flow of air in a home, air rises through the floor system of the home and into the main living space. This movement of air is referred to as stack effect and allows dust and allergens into the home when the crawlspace is improperly controlled. In addition, when improperly controlled, with exposure to outside air, the energy inefficiencies, hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter, can add significantly to the costs of heating and cooling your home.

Often, a crawlspace will become a mess over the years due to poor design and lack of maintenance. Old insulation, venting, pests and moisture issues wreak havoc creating a poor air quality. In a vented crawlspace you will receive temperature fluctuations depending upon the season. Along with this, a vented crawlspace can be one of the most in efficient portions of our home. When heat in the summer or cold in the winter enter the crawlspace through the foundation vents, a potion of that air will enter the main living space through the floor. Bringing in these temperature will make your HVAC system run harder to keep up.

We at Crawlspace Doctor not only strive to improve the moisture control in your crawlspace, we also understand the important impact a crawlspace can have in the main living space. With our processes, we not only prevent your crawlspace issues and protect the structure from issues, we also help create a cleaner more efficient indoor environment to promote healthiness for you and your family.

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